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Startups Are
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Venture / Startup Studio Based in Limassol, Cyprus

We take ventures from A-Z Including Launch, Management & more.

Make your business self-sustainable by lowering your running costs. By making your business self-sustainable with our services & with artificial intelligence you can create your own customer support & sales agents that will work for you 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of human staff.

Startup Studio: Create Startup Studios based in Limassol, Cyprus
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Startup Studio: Create Startup Studios
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Startup Studio Developers

We utilise technology to empower you and your business operations to ensure your success in Cyprus. We have the best developers in Cyprus to build websites & mobile applications that will turn your business into a power house.

Real Support, Real Solutions

Unlike with other development companies, our support is instant and 7 days a week. 

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Mobile app by Create Startup Studios - Highest Rated Startup Studio in Cyprus

Empowering Your Financial Future

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We focus on local projects which would benefit greatly from technological empowerment. Once we’ve identified the gap in the market, we then get to work on building a self-sustainable lean business model for our clients. Relying on fast organic growth we allow customers to save their liquidity instead of constant cash injections into advertisements.

More info on our Startup Studio:

Our aim is to provide a singular location where you can get all your business needs. No more outsourcing from multiple agencies – use Create to get professionals who know your business inside out.

What services does 'create' offer to businesses & Startups?

At ‘create,’ we specialize in building complete brands from the ground up. Additionally, businesses can outsource individual services to us, covering everything from web design and app development to brand design, marketing, sales, training, legal documentation, and company formation. We provide an A-to-Z service suite to empower your business to launch successfully and hit the ground running.

How can 'create' assist me in starting my own business?

At ‘create,’ we offer comprehensive support for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business ventures. Our services include company registration, legal entity setup, and guidance through the entire process of starting a business. With our expertise, you can navigate the complexities of business formation smoothly, ensuring a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial journey

Can 'create' help me build a professional online presence for my business?

Absolutely! At ‘create Cyprus’, we specialise in crafting professional and engaging online presences for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish your brand or an established company seeking a website makeover, our team of experts will work closely with you to design and develop a custom website that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. From responsive design to seamless user experience, we ensure your online presence leaves a lasting impression and drives results for your business.

Do you offer mobile app development services for businesses?

Yes, indeed! At ‘create Cyprus’, we provide comprehensive mobile app development services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. Whether you’re looking to create a cutting-edge iOS app, a user-friendly Android app, or a cross-platform solution to reach a broader audience, our experienced team of developers is ready to bring your app idea to life. From concept to launch, we’ll work closely with you to design, develop, and deploy a high-quality mobile app that enhances your brand, engages users, and drives business growth.

How does 'create' support businesses in developing customised software solutions?

At ‘create Cyprus’ we specialise in developing customised software solutions tailored to the specific needs and objectives of businesses. Our team of experienced developers works closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and challenges, allowing us to design and build software solutions that address their pain points and drive operational efficiency. Whether you need a bespoke CRM system, an inventory management solution, or a custom web application, we leverage the latest technologies and best practices to deliver scalable, secure, and user-friendly software that empowers your business to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Can 'create' assist with branding and design needs, such as logo creation and graphic design?

Absolutely! At ‘create,’ we understand the importance of branding and design in establishing a strong and memorable identity for your business. Whether you’re in need of a unique and eye-catching logo, stunning graphics for your marketing materials, or comprehensive brand identity development, our team of talented designers is here to bring your vision to life. We’ll work closely with you to understand your brand values, target audience, and design preferences, ensuring that every aspect of your brand identity reflects the essence of your business and resonates with your customers.

Does 'create' provide documentation and training services for businesses?

We offer comprehensive documentation and training services in Cyprus to support businesses in achieving their goals. Whether you need user manuals, training materials, policy documents, or regulatory compliance documentation, our team of expert writers and trainers is here to help. We’ll work closely with you to understand your specific needs and objectives, creating clear, concise, and tailored documentation and training programs that empower your employees and streamline your operations. With our expertise, you can ensure that your team is well-equipped to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment.